Educational Streaming

Collective Eye's Educational Streaming Collection is available in partnership with Docuseek2, an online platform where colleges, universities, and other educational institutions can discover, access, license, stream and share documentaries and videos amongst their students, faculty and staff. Searching Docuseek2 is free and available to all, but users must be registered to preview and license content online. Docuseek2 also streams films from Collective Eye's fellow distributors Icarus Films, Bullfrog Films, and Terra Nova Films.

How do I purchase an individual title for streaming?

Individual titles available for streaming from our collection are listed in our Educational Streaming Collection. Choose the title you would like to purchase, then select "Steaming License (Through Docuseek)" on the drop-down menu. When you click the green "Purchase" button, you will automatically be redirected to the Docuseek2 site, where you can register and purchase your streaming selection.

How do I purchase the entire Collective Eye Educational Streaming Collection?

This can be done by visiting the Collective Eye Collection on the Docuseek2 site, then registering and making your purchase.

Is the Collective Eye Educational Streaming Collection part of the full Docuseek2 Collection?

Yes! Our films can be purchased as part of a complete collection, which also includes films from Icarus, Bullfrog and more! Pricing and film descriptions for the entire collection are available here. And COMING SOON, collections will be available by subject from all distributors!

Additional questions and concerns can be addressed to distribution[at]