A Girl & A Gun (screening)

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  • Directed by: Cathryne Czubek
  • Production by: Cathryne Czubek, Jessica Wolfson 

Educational Version includes:

-EXPERTS on Gender, Power, Violence
-EXPERTS on the Debate

Released: 2013 
Running Time: 76 minutes
Languge: English  

Educational Subjects:LGBT & Gender Studies,Sociology,Women's Studies  
Secondary Subjects: Criminal Justice 

A GIRL & A GUN presents a female perspective on an object whose history is deeply bound up with men and masculinity. Filmed throughout the US, this documentary delves into the psyche of the American gun world to investigate how women relate to guns and gun culture. Reaching far beyond Hollywood’s hypersexualized femme fatales, the film candidly explores the modern American woman through intimate portraits encompassing issues of protection, power, feminism, and violence. A GIRL & A GUN is a complex and thoughtful meditation on a deadly serious issue. The film’s intimate and detailed portrayals of women who’ve carved themselves a home in the gun community reveal personal journeys that reflect, in one way or another, the same issues every woman faces in today’s America.

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Eliaichi Kimaro