Awara Soup (educational)

    • Directed by: Marie-Clémence & Cesar Paes
    • Produced by:

    Released: 1996
    Running Time: 70 min

    The awara soup is a kind of stew containing a variety of ingredients from French Guiana that blends diverse ingredients with a harmony of taste. just as the film itself explores the extraordinary cultural diversity of one small town. Using the cooking of this “magic dish” as a starting point, AWARA SOUP explores the multicultural reality composing this French overseas region. American Indians, Europeans, Slave descendants, Laotians, Chinese, Hmong, Brazilians,  and Surinamese reveal how they’re bringing new flavors to the Guianese stew of identities.


    • Best Ethnographic Film - Festival dei Popoli (Firenze- Italy)
    • Best Film on Créole culture - Vues d'Afrique (Montreal - Canada)
    • Audience Prize - Noir Tous Couleurs (FWI)


      "Innovative...It's a pleasure to see an affirming film on a present-day multi-cultural encounter."
      — Elaine Charnov, American Museum of Natural History

      "An excellent film for stimulating discussion about important issues of (trans-) national identity and pluriethnic world-in-the-making that go way beyond most American platitudes about multiculturalism."
      — Lucien Taylor, University of California, Berkeley