Between Earth and Sky (home-use)

    • Directed by: Kalyanee Mam & David Mendez
    • Produced by: Kalyanee Mam

    Released: 2009
    Running Time: 30 min

    Inspired by a quest for truth and a passion to connect with Iraqis during a war that saw no end, BETWEEN EARTH & SKY is a poetic journey into the lives of three young Iraqi refugee artists struggling to find hope through art. With dignity and candor, Saoud, Haneen, and Rahman reveal the lives they lost in Baghdad, the lives they are now forced to live in their host countries, and the new life of beauty and freedom they long for every day. Rahman works as a clown in Syria, bringing love and laughter to young Iraqi refugee children. Haneen paints her memories, recalling the beauty of Iraqi women. Saoud straddles the border between childhood and adolescence as he ponders his identity amidst the changes that force him to grow up. In this remarkable film about renewal, hope, and destiny, all three express their passion for art and for life with laughter, humility, and resilience.