Fishmeat: Choose Your Farm Wisely (educational)

  • Directed by: Joe Cunningham
  • Produced by: Ted Caplow

Released: 2012
Running Time: DVD includes 29 min, 52 min, 7 min versions
Subtitles: English 

Two friends, Ted Caplow (an ecological engineer) and Andy Danylchuk (a fish ecologist) are concerned by how little consumers know about the farm-raised fish they buy. They set out to define sustainable aquaculture in Turkey to see how it could apply to the rest of the world. They are surprised by what they find. Between the food production and waste produced by offshore fish farms, Caplow and Danylchuck are concerned these methods are unsustainable. Follow these two friends as they search for a more sustainable and kinder future for the fish farming industry.


"Raises the level of thoughtful conversation on fish farming."
- Tim O'Shea, President of Clean Fish

"This engaging and fascinating film takes you on a journey to faraway places and forgotten times to illuminate the broad spectrum of fish farming techniques and their associated levels of environmental and social impact. With magnificent imagery and storytelling, it takes a highly nuanced and complex topic, and conveys accessible and actionable information to consumers of all tastes and backgrounds."  
- Barton Seaver, chef and author of For Cod and Country