Queen of the Sun: Honey Spoon

Queen of the Sun: Honey Spoon



Jonathan’s® Spoons, in relation with “Queen of the Sun”, is helping to bring awareness to the Colony Collapse Disorder plaguing the Honey Bees. Jonathan re-designed the honey stick mimicking the honeycomb design. His new design is very popular, in that it works better to drip and spread honey than the old barrel design. Jonathan borrowed the honeycomb design from the bees and thought it would be a perfect way to teach our world why the Honey Bees are in trouble. Therefore 10% of every BeeStick™ sold will go to raise awareness of this Colony Collapse Disorder. He says it’s a 10% royalty back to the Bees!

 Made not just to catch the dripping sweet honey, but to spread it with ease on crackers or warm toast, or to sweeten tea with a gentle stir.


 Jonathan Simons:

“My spoons and products are made of sustainable harvested cherry wood from the Pennsylvania Allegheny Forest. The survival of a great majority of our crops and trees are dependent on the pollination from the Honey Bee and other pollinators. I believe that the future of our Country and World is dependent on research, education, and the support of our vital Honey Bee and their Keepers. This documentary is not only a work of art, but it also expresses my personal concern for our bees.”