Inhabit: A Permaculture Perspective (home-use)

    • Directed by: Costa Boutsikaris
    • Produced by: Emmett Brennan

Released: 2015
Running Time: 92 min
Subtitles: Spanish, French, German, Italian, 
Subjects: Environmental Studies , Agricultural Studies 

INHABIT explores the many environmental and agricultural issues facing us today and examines solutions that are being applied using the ecological design process called 'Permaculture'. Permaculture is a design lens that uses the principles found in ecosystems to help shift our impact from destructive to regenerative. Focused mostly on the Northeastern and Midwestern regions of the United States, Inhabit provides an intimate look at permaculture peoples and practices ranging from rural, suburban, and urban landscapes.


Reviews / Quotes:

"Not only does it make a compelling case for why permaculture solutions are needed, but it also highlights a number of people involved in permaculture, as well as some of the solutions that are working for them. The film presents a range of permaculture practices implemented across a variety of locations, from rural to urban and suburban areas, and the interviews with 'boots on the ground' permaculture practitioners offer plenty of food for thought about its applications and potential impact."
"When walking through nature we are asked to leave only our footprints behind. That’s a noble approach, but is it possible? The fact is that humans have a much bigger impact than what we see at first glance – even if we only leave our prints behind. So if we do inevitably have an impact on the planet then why can’t it be a positive one?

The feature documentary Inhabit explores this human potential with a diverse range of examples from the Northeastern United States. Each illustrates how permaculture can be applied to suit it’s environment, in a way that regenerates the surroundings rather than just minimize impact."

"Inhabit investigates today’s pressing environmental problems and offers solutions through a permaculture lens. For those who aren’t familiar, permaculture is defined many different ways, but it is generally defined as a method of ecological design that develops regenerative agricultural systems by mimicking natural ecosystems. “Permaculture is a design process that’s applicable in any landscape for any set of objectives,” said the film.  - EcoWatch