Paolo Soleri: Citizen of the Planet (home-use)

    • Directed by: Geoffrey Madeja
    • Produced by: Geoffrey Madeja, Joe Piccirillo, Richard Loveless
Released: 2016 Educational release 
Running Time: 50 min 
Language:  English 
Subjects: Art Music & Design, Environmental Studies

Paolo Soleri, architect, philosopher and a citizen of the planet. Fans have gone as far as to compare him to DaVinci and Gandhi, but critics believed him to be an ego driven eccentric with a failed experiment out in the desert. A student of Frank Lloyd Wright, Paolo's Utopian vision has been steadfast, urban sprawl is destroying the planet and the answer is to build mega-structure cities a hundred times the size of the Empire State Building. Explore the artist, the dreamer, the philosopher, the architect Paolo Soleri as he tries to build his new world filled with futuristic ideas and controversy.


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