Soka Afrika (home-use)

  • Directed by: Suridh Hassan
  • Produced by: Simon Laub and Sam Potter

Released: 2012
Running Time: 76 min
English and French
Subjects: Human Rights, Immigration and Refugee StudiesChildren Youth and Families 
SOKA AFRIKA documents the lives of two young African men, Kermit from South Africa and Ndomo from Cameroon, each taking very different paths in pursuit of their dreams: success in professional football on the world stage. Ndomo's life has been scarred by exploitation and mistreatment at the hands of those who would ride on the coattails of his talent. Trafficked to France as a teenager with promises to him and his family of riches beyond their imaginations, he was promptly abandoned in the streets of Paris. Despite this, Ndomo's story is one of inspiration as, fighting against all the odds, he manages to find a light at the end of a very long and dark tunnel. Kermit has risen from humble beginnings to a great height, signing a professional contract at 18 with Feyenoord in the Dutch league. His example is one of success brought about through the stable domestic system that exists in the World Cup host country. The story that unfolds around these two young men reveals the struggle that is life in much of Africa and demonstrates how football is a vital lifeline to which many will desperately cling.


Soka Afrika - Trailer 1 from Masnomis on Vimeo.



  • Winner of Best Film (Golden Whistle), K&S Film Festival New York (2011)
  • Winner Best Picture, Palermo International Sports Film Festival (2011)
  • Shortlisted Best Documentary, One World Media (2012)
(Nominated for Best Foreign Film, Best Editing, and Best Sound Mix at Palermo International Sports Film Festival)


"Soka Afrika beautifully captures the harsh reality that can turn colourful dreams into dark nightmares" ESPN 

“Football trafficking is a serious issue which not many people are aware of. This screening of Soka Afrika is the perfect opportunity to educate people on the topic.” Lord Herman Ouseley, chair of Kick It Out 

 "Amazing...” -CNN 

"vibrant and heavy-hitting, masterful storytelling... a film I would recommend to everyone" -A Football Report