Sourlands (educational)

    • Directed by: Jared Flesher
    • Produced by: Jared Flesher, and Christian Schuller

      Released: 2013
      Running Time: 78 min
      Subjects: Environmental Studies, Agricultural Studies

      From award-winning journalist Jared Flesher comes SOURLANDS, a provocative tale of ecology, energy, and agriculture. In the Sourlands of New Jersey, a rampaging deer herd, invasive plants, and wholesale habitat destruction threaten the local ecosystem. Farmers in the surrounding valley battle against high land prices, high property taxes, and increasingly erratic weather patterns. A group of local engineers searches for new ways to save energy and stop global warming. Pay close attention, and the challenges facing this community look a lot like the challenges facing ecosystems, farmers, and energy visionaries everywhere. The message of cautious hope presented in SOURLANDS is just as universal: In order to begin solving complicated environmental problems, we need to forgo quick fixes and start restoring the natural world—and people's connection to it—from the forest floor up.

      Sourlands (Trailer) from Collective Eye Films on Vimeo.


      Official Film Festival Selection
      • Environmental Film Fest in the Nation's Capital
      • Colorado Environmental Film Festival
      • Reel Earth Film Festival
      • Montclair Film Festival
      • Greenbuild International Film Festival
      • Rural Route Film Festival
      • Black Bear Film Festival
      • Somewhat North of Boston Film Festival
      • Watershed Film Festival


      "A series of irresistible character studies, modeled after John McPhee's approach to The Pine Barrens. Four lively segments focus on Farm, Forest, Sustainable Technology, and the Future. Photography is stunning, and these Sourlands people unique and memorable. For all the ecological perils which lace the Sourlands -- pivotal bird habitat and water source -- this is a film of hope. One learns a multiplicity of steps available to one person, one family, one neighborhood, in the restoration of nature in our time and in our region."
      -Carolyn Edelmann, Community Relations Associate, D&R Greenway Land Trust