Sprawling From Grace (educational)

        SPRAWLING FROM GRACE: The Consequences of Suburbanism...

  • Directed by: David M. Edwards
  • Produced by: David M. Edwards

Released: 2009
Running Time: 82 min
Subjects: Environmental Studies

This feature length documentary explores the ravages of American suburban sprawl, what America has lost as a result, and the perils we face if we don't change the way in which we build our cities. Americans have been lulled into a false sense of security by cheap energy that has allowed us to spread endlessly into our landscape. We are trapped behind the wheels of our automobiles. With the demand for oil outpacing the Earth's ability to supply it, this suburban living arrangement will fail. America's love affair with the automobile is unsustainable and, like Nero, we are fiddling away, confident that tomorrow will be as promising as today. The wake up call is coming.


"This is one of the most sobering films about the future of our country that I have ever seen." –ARTS á la Mode

“...arming with insight and facts so that we can make apt changes in our own lives and push our leaders to choose a new path.” – GrinningPlanet.com

“An insightful film that sways away from making its viewers feel guilty <..> Instead the film offers a solution.”  - Static Multimedia