The Mountains Will Wait For You (educational)

  • Directed By: Fredrick T. Schwoebel
  • Produced By: Fredrick T. Schwoebel

Educational Release: 2014
Running Time: 44 minutes
NTSC / English
Subjects: Biographical, Women's Studies, Environmental Studies, Pacific Northwest Filmmakers

As the first woman to summit the Adirondack’s 46 High Peaks, Grace Hudowalski's passion for climbing was lifelong, and her devotion to an organization called the Adirondack 46ers made her the eventual matriarch of the group. THE MOUNTAINS WILL WAIT FOR YOU tells the story of the 46ers—Grace's family—in her characteristic homespun Adirondack vernacular, recounting tales of adventure with the chaps and lads she hiked with in her youth. Through nostalgic memoirs of personal relationships with Grace, friends offer a glimpse into the life of a woman who forged a community and a passionate movement of mountain stewards.

46er TRAILER from Emily von W. Gilbert on Vimeo.