Up Up! Farm Collection (screening)

Up Up Farm is a collection of feature length, independently produced films & shorts.

Each explores questions  of farmland access, rural livelihoods, sustainability of people and place, and the relations which cement all.

The Greenhorns, in cooperation with each filmmaker, designed this collective of films in order to share these stories with you. With your rental of the Up Up Farm Collection, you will have educational and screening access to all films in the four-disk collection for the duration of the year. Please review the terms of agreement .pdf for more information regarding licensing and limitations of use. 

Disc 1: Introduction to the young farmers movement

    1. The Greenhorns  (46 min) 
    2. To Make A Farm (73 min)
    3. Brookford Almanac (41 min) 
    4. Sourlands (77 min)
    5. Perennial Plate: The Cows and the Horses (8 min)
    6. Farmhack Profile (3 min) 

Disc 2: Deeper into the complex ecosystem of agricultural issues, Part 1

    1. OUR LAND Episode 1: The Solution to Polution is Life (10 min) 
    2. OUR LAND Episode 2: Distribution (6 min) 
    3. OUR LAND Episode 3: Adaptive Seeds (5 min)
    4. OUR LAND Episode 4: Access to Grazing (10 min)
    5. OUR LAND Episode 5: Dry Land (8 min)
    6. The Perennial Plate: Lupe Gonzalo (5 min)
    7. The Perennial Plate: La Minga (5 min)
    8. American Meat (84 min) 
    9. Sharecroppers (19 min)
    10. Rural Route Film Festival Shorts (90 min) 

Disc 3: Deeper into the complex ecosystem of agricultural issues, PART 2

    1. Tune for the Blood (90 min)
    2. Pig Business  (54 min)
    3. The Perennial Plate SHORT: The Holy Thing (2 min) 
    4. The Perennial Plate SHORT: Where the Water Settles (5 min) 
    5. The Perennial Plate SHORT: A Craftsman (3 min) 
    6. The Perennial Plate SHORT: Con Sentido (With Meaning) (7 min) 
    7. The Perennial Plate SHORT: An Act of Resistance (4 min) 
    8. The Perennial Plate SHORT: Coconut (4 min) 
    9. The Perennial Plate SHORT: Meant To Be (9 min)
    10. Future Farmers in the spotlights (37 min)
    11. Planting Justice SHORTS (8 min) 
    12. Farm Hack Short: George's Boots (5min)
    13. Polyfaces Preview (9 min) 


    1. Hanna Ranch (73 min) 
    2. Betting the Farm (84 min)
    3. Brunswick (57 min) 
    4. Root Hog or Die (56 min)