Songs and Tears of Nature
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Songs and Tears of Nature

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  • Directed by: Marie-Clémence & Cesar Paes
  • Produced by: Marie-Clémence Paes
Released: 1992
Running Time: 54 min

Shot in Lapland and Brazil, the film is about Man's relationship with Nature. We listen to the oral culture of the Saamis from the Arctic and Fulni-ôs from Brazil, then beyond ice fields, beyond trees, climates, skins, we discover the same idea: to preserve environment, we first need to preserve the diversity of culture, of language. An astonishing message of peace, dialogue and understanding.


  • Golden Dove - Dok film festival (Leipzig, Germany)
  • German Ministry of Environment Prize - Ökomedia festival (Freiburg)
  • Best Film for the Survival of Indigenous People - Pärnu International fest (Estonia)


"An UFO on the audiovisual scenery. All documentarists run after what Marie-Clémence and Cesar Paes put into practice with art and strength: how to listen to people, how to film them whithout distorting their words?"
- Dominique Legrand, Le Soir