Brave Girls
Brave Girls

Brave Girls

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    • Directed by: Ellie Walton & Yashaswi Desi
    • Released: 2019 (educational)
    • Year of Production: 2018
Running Time: 68 min
Language: Gujarati
Subtitle Options: English Closed Captions
Subjects: Feminism, Gender Studies, Asian Studies


For Karishma, Apsana and Samira, going to school to complete their secondary education represented a seismic shift in worldview and a radical reappraisal of what their lives could become. Suddenly, a life trapped within four walls, fulfilling societal expectations came into question when the possibility of a life outside of the house became palpable. But as final exams approached, their families began preparations for their weddings. Immediately, they were forced to choose between their quickly evolving dreams and their obligations to their community.

Apsana broke her arranged engagement the day before her wedding to continue pursuing her education; Karishma made an unthinkable choice by running away and marrying a forbidden love; Samira accepted her fate and married as was expected of her, leaving her family behind. Their choices are not just their own but have consequences for their families within a tight knit community.

These stories combined show the complexity that emerges on the path to self-determination within a conservative, Muslim town - Dholka located in the western state of Gujarat, India. Filmed over 4 years, Brave Girls explores the urgent questions about the empowerment of women in the developing world from the perspective of the women living those questions and facing the consequences of answering them.

DOCNYC 2018 Premiere and Official Selection

About the filmmakers 

Yashaswi is a facilitator, visual artist, and holistic healer. Born and raised in Gujarat, she has an open heart to learn from each small moment and feels passionate about sharing stories that inspire reflection.


Ellie is an award-winning filmmaker and educator, committed to sharing personal stories that reveal and inspire. She is the recipient of the DC Mayor's Arts Award and is a frequent collaborator with the DC based production company, Meridian Hill Pictures. 




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