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    • Directed by: Ceyda Torun
    • Released: 2017 (educational)
Running Time: 79 min 
Language: Turkish, English Subtitles.  English Closed Captions.
Subjects: Anthropology,  Middle Eastern Studies,  Sociology, Visual Arts, Physical & Mental Health, 



Standing in contrast to the typical political media coverage of Turkey, Kedi provides an insightful, tender counterpoint through a playful cat’s-eye view of Istanbul. Since the age of the Ottoman Empire, hundreds of thousands of cats roam free through the city's streets. The cats play an important role in the social fabric of Istanbul, acting as mirrors to the people and allowing them to reflect on their lives in ways nothing else could. The unique relationship between the people of Istanbul and their feline neighbors reveals the enduring humanity at the center of bustling chaos and rapid gentrification. This one of a kind film explores a local phenomenon that serves as a symbolic meditation of the cultural essence of an ancient troubled city.


“...lovingly conveys [the] idea that the cats of Istanbul help humanize and make sense of an uncontrollable place...It provided a sense of continuity in a city that otherwise seemed ever-changing and impossible.” - The Village Voice

“It’s tempting to brush Kedi off as simply a ‘cat documentary,’ but it is never cutesy enough for such a reductive description.... Kedi’s cats are never just cats, they are also metaphors for the changing nature of Istanbul (and Turkey as a nation itself), keepers and reminders of the city’s Ottoman history, once a crossroads of different peoples, religions and ethnicities.” - Melbourne International Film Festival

Kedi splices the usual emotional reaction such antics garner with an ethnographic-like mission.” - Screenhub

“A profoundly affecting meditation, at once dreamy and precise, on a force of nature...surviving and thriving in an industrialized world…[Kedi] examines a local phenomenon dating back to the heyday of the Ottoman Empire” - Variety

"Cats have been roaming freely through the streets of Istanbul for centuries. The unusual documentary Kedi - an art house hit - captures the unique relationship that the city's dwellers and small businesses have with stray felines...  Kedi introduces a lot of folks who sell fish or run delis or wait on cafe tables, and captures how they relate with genuine affection to the cats who wander in and out, feeding them, rubbing their tummies, or brushing their fur. But the film isn't just about semi-pet-worship: there is plenty of philosophical musing here about cats being a bridge to God and serving to remind us of our best selves. Sure to appeal to cat lovers, this is recommended." - Video Librarian

“If Grumpy Cat is the blockbuster franchise of cat videos, Kedi is the Citizen Kane of the genre.” - IndieWire

“The camera in Kedi often takes a cat’s-eye view of Istanbul, showing how the animals can also help people see the city in new ways.” - The Atlantic