New Year Baby
New Year Baby

New Year Baby

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  • Directed by: Socheata Poeuv
  • Produced by: Charles Vogl

Released: 2006
Running Time: 57 min

Born on the Cambodian New Year in a refugee camp, Socheata grew up in the United States not knowing anything about her family’s past. She journeys to Cambodia to discover the secrets of how her family came together during the Khmer Rouge period. She finds that what her parents hid in shame also proves their great heroism. NEW YEAR BABY is a love story, a celebration of family and the power of commitment.

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'Movies That Matter' Human Rights Award / an Amnesty International innitiative Jury Report

"New Year Baby [is] a deeply tender and poignant film about a Cambodian-American's journey with her family to uncover the secrets of a tragic past at the hands of the Khmer Rouge... It was a tour de force for anyone, and particularly for a young, first-time filmmaker...

We also agreed unanimously to award New Year Baby with the Movies that Matter prize. We are confident that the universal appeal of the film will give an international audience emotional access into the impact of the genocide, and may help pave the way for the potentially forthcoming tribunal in Cambodia..." – IDFA Movies That Matter Jury

San Francisco Best Documentary Jury Report–

"New Year Baby by Socheata Poeuv has been awarded Best Documentary for its gripping portrayal of a family's struggle to overcome the traumatic legacies of the Khmer Rouge. The film unfolds with remarkable candor, humor, and a heartbreaking intensity that captures a daughter's quest to understand her family's history and a father's willingness to lay open his vulnerabilities by confronting his past. We congratulate Socheata for a courageous debut feature." – San Francisco Int. Asian American Film Festival Documentary Jury

'Movies That Matter' Human Rights Award, an initiative by Amnesty International, by unanimours jury decision. (the highest human rights honor the film can win)

Wins BEST DOCUMENTARY at the 25th Annual San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival.

Wins BEST DOCUMENTARY at the AFI Dallas International Film Festival by unanimous decision.

Wins the AUDIENCE AWARD at the Los Angeles VC Film Festival.

Wins the SPECIAL JURY AWARD at the Asian American International Film Festival - NY, NY

Wins the AUDIENCE AWARD at the Asian American International Film Festival - NY, NY

Wins the CRYSTAL HEART AWARD by the Heartland Film Festival

On its premiere at the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) the film received a standing ovation and voted a top ten audience favorite out of 172 films.

Selected HOT FILM at the Goteborg Film Festival.

Selected for MassMoca's Working Films Residency.