Omar and Pete
Omar and Pete

Omar and Pete

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  • Directed by: Tod Lending
  • Produced by: Tod Lending
Released: 2005
Running Time: 71 min

A “vivid, sobering portrait” that “packs considerable cumulative punch” (Variety), OMAR & PETE is a compelling and highly personal film that examines the social, economic, and personal barriers two ex-offenders face as they try to reintegrate into their communities and families. In and out of prison for more than 30 years, Omar and Pete are determined to change their lives. Upon release, both participate in the Maryland Reentry Program, which is designed to help long-term repeat offenders stay out of prison. Following the two long-time friends for several years after what they hope will be their final prison release, the film reveals two divergent paths as one wrestles with addiction and fear while the other finds success and freedom through helping others. An intimate and penetrating portrait, OMAR & PETE boldly exposes the many barriers to successful reintegration and the complex, often frustrating challenges that men who were formerly incarcerated face when reentering society.