8 Billion Angels
8 Billion Angels
8 Billion Angels
8 Billion Angels
8 Billion Angels

8 Billion Angels

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    • Directed by: Victor Velle
    • Released: 2021 (educational)
    • Year of Production: 2020
Running Time: 76 min
Language: English
Subtitle Options: English Closed Captions
Subjects: Environmental Studies

Global warming, food and water shortages, catastrophic storms, extinction of species, plant and animal habitat loss…. The list of environmental, social and economic catastrophes affecting our planet with greater frequency and severity goes on and on. If there was a simple root cause and a fundamental solution, wouldn’t you want to know?

Earth Overshoot Executive Director Terry Spahr and his 8 Billion Angels crew do what most of the world has yet to do in this compelling new documentary: connect the dots among all of the “downstream” symptoms of our global environmental crises with their fundamental upstream cause- our unsustainable global population. 8 Billion Angels  trades political correctness for an honest assessment that dispels the population taboos. Most importantly, the film provides real solutions while there’s still a chance to save our planet and our species by quickly and dramatically altering our population and consumption trajectories.

Official Selection of One Earth Film Festival 2020 & Official Selection of APHA Global Public Health Film Festival 2020

“An absorbing tale revealing the shocking truth.”  – William Ripple, Alliance of World Scientists

“The most important film of the year.” – Rewilding Earth Institute 

About the filmmaker   
Victor Velle is the director of Nomad, an award-winning feature-length documentary and Four, a documentary short about an orphanage in Zambia. After studying Visual Media Arts at Emerson College, Victor founded his own production company and has worked on popular television shows including Bones and at Hollywood production companies including Silver Pictures.




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