American Meat DVD case
Baby cow, from documentary "American Meat"
Montana chicken, from documentary "American Meat"
Tractor from documentary "American Meat"
Scene from documentary "American Meat"
Scene from documentary "American Meat"

American Meat

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  • Directed by: Graham Meriwether 
  • Produced by: Memo Salazar, Ryan Nethery, Graham Meriwether, Carlye Rubin, Alejandro de Onis

Released: 2013
Running Time: 84 mins
Subtitles: English
Subjects: Science and Nature, Agriculture

AMERICAN MEAT examines the history and future of meat production in the United States, weaving together the diverse voices of chicken, cattle, and hog farmers in a lively and dynamic portrayal of the past and promise of American agriculture. Exploring both the conventional models of commercial agriculture and the alternative model championed by Joel Salatin at Polyface Farms, the film provides an accessible and educational view of the farmers, chefs, and everyday consumers at the heart of the local food movement and focuses on the central question: Can sustainable agriculture actually feed America? 



" American Meat offers a way out of an agricultural nightmare..." -Eric Monder, Film Journal

"The film makes a powerfully persuasive case for the benefits of small grass-based organic farms and local sourcing... it presents its arguments forcefully without strident didacticism." -Fred Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter 

"The documentary gives me hope that alternative forms of livestock production may increase the demand for labor in agriculture and increase some rural populations and economies." -Dale Gruis State FFA Advisor of Iowa

"Best of 2014 Shortlist!" - Video Librarian