Pedal-Driven: A bike-umentary
Pedal-Driven: A bike-umentary
Pedal-Driven: A bike-umentary
Pedal-Driven: A bike-umentary
Pedal-Driven: A bike-umentary
Pedal-Driven: A bike-umentary
Pedal-Driven: A bike-umentary

Pedal-Driven: A bike-umentary

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  • Directed by: Jamie Howell
  • Produced by: Jeff Ostenson

Released: 2011
Running Time: 58 min

"THIS LAND IS ... WHOSE LAND?" PEDAL-DRIVEN delves into the escalating conflict between mountain bikers hungry to ride and the federal land managers charged with protecting the public lands that belong to us all. The skate punks of the forest, illegal trailbuilders fed up with federal regulations, have begun carving into the hillsides, claiming their right to play in the woods like everybody else. But is there room for the massive growth of their sport in the American landscape? And, if so, is there a sustainable way to make it happen? This beautifully shot documentary takes you on a thrilling and often contentious ride behind both sides of this confrontation—riding with the “freeriders”, and chasing them down with the rangers. PEDAL-DRIVEN looks at issues of sustainability, public recreation and land stewardship from both sides of the divide, uncovering a new path toward the future along the way.




  • Film Festival Finalist, Banff Mountain Film Festival 2011
  • Winner: Feature Film Best Cinematography, DocUtah 2011
  • Official Selection, Wild and Scenic 2012
  • Winner: Audience Choice ,Twisp Rural Roots 2011


"A milestone. This film is a must see." 
- Hans Rey, Mountain Bike Hall of Fame

"Wow... one of the most important biking films, if not the most, that I may have ever seen." 
- KSPS public television
“The film is excellent - I love it and I think it will do much good for our sport. The timing is perfect for this subject and to address the potential issues, conflicts and benefits. I think our sport will change a lot in the next decade and I think this film will be a milestone.” 
-Hans Rey, multiple Trials National Champion and World Champion , MTB Hall of Fame

“Wicked film, can’t say enough about how much I like it. I have shown it to some of my colleagues here at the Department of Conservation and they agree there’s some good stuff to be learned from it. (Same mistakes, different country.)" 
- Simon Alefosio-Tuck, Ranger for the Department of Conservation, New Zealand

“I had people coming up to me afterward who wanted to know more about where it was playing next so they could tell their friends to go see it. Awesome and very timely movie, I think it was extremely well received here with all the recent publicity regarding local access issues …" 
- Tarka Wilcox, Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance

“... incredible scenery and riveting freeriding sequences... I enjoyed it both for the entertainment value as well as the strong message. The DEC (Department of Environmental Conservation) forester commented that he had assumed that the movie would be very one-sided toward MTB concerns but he said after the film that it represented both sides of the issue very well. I thought it was a great way to re-open a productive dialog with our local land managers ... So thanks for a great film!” 
-Chrissy Guarino, New York