To Us The Ashes: Indigenous Shorts
To Us The Ashes: Indigenous Shorts
To Us The Ashes: Indigenous Shorts
To Us The Ashes: Indigenous Shorts

To Us The Ashes: Indigenous Shorts

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  • Directed by: Ciara Lacy, Jessie Adler, Preston Randolph, Daniel Fradin & Kyle Rosenbluth
  • Released: 2021 (educational)
  • Produced: 2019-2020
Running Time:  95 min (4 Shorts) 
Language: English & Various
Subtitle Options: English Closed Captions
Subjects: Indigenous Studies, Environmental Studies

Please note: Boxers of Brule & Arctic Summer can be purchased separately


To Us The Ashes, a reference and ode to Chief Seattle’s Treaty of 1854, is a collection of 5 Indigenous Documentary Shorts from across the world. As each short highlights different Indigenous stories of fly fishing conservationists in the Pacific Northwest to a young Lakota woman creating a girls’ boxing team, they each embody the ingenuity and tenacity of Indigenous People across the world.


Directed by: Ciara Lacy
A lifelong angler, Autumn Harry had never fished beyond the waters of her reservation — until she picked up a fly rod. On a trip to Washington to cast for steelhead, she unpacks what it means to overcome her own image of who is a fly fisher and uses the sport to fight for conservation.
Official Selection at Big Sky Documentary Film Festival 2019


Return to Foretop's Father
Directed by: Preston Randolph
A Native American elder travels from the reservation to a sacred landmark and conducts a historic pipe ceremony to bring awareness to climate change and the negative impacts resulting from the disconnect between nature and modern culture.

PBS Broadcast: American Masters
Arctic Summer
Directed by: Daniel Fradin & Kyle Rosenbluth
Arctic Summer is a poetic meditation on Tuktoyaktuk, an Indigenous community in the Arctic. The film captures Tuk during one of the last summers before climate change forced Tuk's coastal population to relocate to more habitable land. 
Big Sky Documentary Film Festival


The Boxers of Brule
Directed by: Jessie Adler
Devastated by her best friend’s suicide, a young Lakota woman creates a girls’ boxing team with urgent hope that sport, sisterhood and tradition will guide youth toward a safer path.

Official Selection at Tribeca Film Festival 2019 and American Film Showcase