Impact Campaigns

For a few films chosen by the Collective Eye team, no more than 7 a year, we will execute on an impact campaign for a nominal expense on royalty. This is an impact campaign that you don't have to pay for out of pocket in a market where you'll typically pay anywhere from $10,000 - $50,000. As a prerequisite, these titles must demonstrate outstanding quality and have unique educational value.

You'll have a dedicated campaign manager that spends a minimum of 10 hours a week on the campaign, with the flexibility to go up to 25+ hours a week during particularly busy times when the need arises. We'll have an outline of this dedicated time over an allotted period of months as an addendum to our educational contract. We outline 120 hours of impact work, usually over a 3-5 month period or until VOD launch. We have the resources to handle any requested asset creation (marketing materials a screening host might request, building Eventive pages, etc.).

Our impact manager will want any/all contacts that you have as well as ideas of institutions that you think would want to screen the film. Of course, we do our own research here and collate the potential screening opportunities into a shared Google Sheet. We will reach out to everyone included in this sheet on your behalf and will always take direction from you on new opportunities! Similarly, if we find that certain pursuits don't seem to be effective we'll let you know during our meetings and work on pivoting or trying a new pitch.

Outside of the contacts provided at the check-in meetings, your general input, and any logistics around speaking engagements, we will be doing all the outreach, negotiating screening rates, and booking events.  

The entirety of the impact campaign does not come at any recoupable cost, so you won't see any impact costs billed against you. Instead, we split impact screening net revenues on a revenue share  Also as our impact release for the semester your film gets preferred placement in our educational advertising purchases on our network of platforms.

Our goal is to make money with you, not off you. From our perspective, the time spent on this campaign is a loss-leader, but the long-tail sales benefit in the educational market makes this a net positive for us without any sort of monthly retainer charged to filmmakers.


Title: Food for the Rest of Us

Impact Length: 6 months

Impact Partner: Five Rings Impact Docs