Grain: Analog Renaissance
Grain: Analog Renaissance
Grain: Analog Renaissance
Grain: Analog Renaissance
Grain: Analog Renaissance
Grain: Analog Renaissance

Grain: Analog Renaissance

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    • Directed by: Alex Contell, Tommaso Sacconi
    • Released: 2023 (educational)
    • Year of Production: 2022
Running Time: 80 min
Language: English
Subtitle Options: English Closed Captions
Subjects:  Art, Film Studies


Whether it's a fashion house seeking to bring a new edge to their creative work, an amateur perusing eBay for the perfect vintage Polaroid, or an influencer attempting to capture a comforting return aesthetic on social media, analog photography has piqued the interest of people everywhere.

Is this resurgence a backlash against digital photography? Is it just a trend perpetuated by our desire for authenticity in an increasingly superficial world? Or is it something else entirely?

We've spent a lot of time and money photographing in analog. And we began to question why. Why were we opting for the most expensive, complex way of approaching photography? Why were we choosing to forego the benefits of digital to use old technology that is all too vulnerable to human error? What's the point? Doesn't it all end up on instagram anyway?

As we considered this, we realized that there must be others dwelling on this same conflict. We were compelled to understand the bigger picture, to hear how other photographers have remained committed to analog even with its challenging intricacies. The seed was planted. And a film was born.

We've gathered different points of view from established photographers and art institutions, and told their stories through a combination of cinema verite and cinematic shots.

Grain is a feature film by Alex Contell and Tommaso Sacconi that celebrates analog photography by showing its ups and downs in real-world scenarios and tells the story of artistic commitment, discovery and romance.

Official Selection at 2022 DOCNYC and CIFF
"Alex Contell and Tommaso Sacconi’s film is a triumphant addendum to the digital-analogue format wars of the past decade, a summary of how threats against film appear to have been surmounted. No longer a rescue mission, no one here suggests that analogue will return as the standard, but Grain presents plenty of evidence to suggest that heated analogue versus digital debates were worthwhile to get to this point where film can have a secure life as a viable medium, one with unique properties that digital can only emulate."
— Eye for Film Review

About the filmmaker 

Master in Communication and Media Studies at CEU-University of Valencia. In 2013 Moves to New York where he continues to work as a freelance photographer  and filmmaker for different brads and magazines. In summer 2016 hold his first artist solo show ‘Don’t Think Twice’. GRAIN (2021) is his first documentary feature, directed together with Tommaso Sacconi.

Master of International Cooperation at UIC University, Barcelona. After his studies he moves to Egypt collaborating with an NGO and then to New York where he is currently freelancing as photographer and videographer. In 2015 releases LITE/FEET Starting Point, his first short documentary. GRAIN (2021) is his first documentary feature, directed together with Alex Contell.

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