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    • Directed by: Jeff Chiba Stearns
    • Produced by: Jeff Chiba Stearns & Ruth Vincent
Released: 2016 Educational release 
Running Time: 96 minutes, 57 minute broadcast version
Language:  English with English Subtitles, 

Multiracial America is one of the fastest growing community demographics in North America. MIXED MATCH is a story told from the perspective of mixed race blood cancer patients who are forced to reflect on their multiracial identities and complex genetics as they struggle with a seemingly impossible search: To find bone marrow donors. MIXED MATCH explores the role race plays in medicine, and what happens when being mixed race is more than just an identity--it’s a matter of life of death.


WINNER 2016 Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival -- Audience Choice Award

WINNER Best NW Feature SpIFF

WINNER VAFF People's Choice Award

WINNER CAAM FEST 2017 Audience Award

WINNER Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival 2017 Audience Award





OFFICIAL SELECTION San Diego Asian Film Festival 2016

OFFICIAL SELECTION Cleveland International Film Festival

NOMINEE Leo Awards 2017 6 nominations for Best Feature Documentary

Reviews / Quotes:

"Director Jeff Chiba Stearns, a Canadian filmmaker of European and Japanese descent, serves up a lively look at a serious topic: bone marrow and stem cell transplants for people of mixed race. Stearns interviews researchers, patients, and donors, but spends most of his time with Athena Asklipiadis, who encourages mixed-race individuals to add their names to donor registries. Asklipiadis–who has Japanese and Greek heritage–lost an aunt who was unable to find a match in time. She was inspired to form the organization Mixed Marrow by cases such as baseball player Rod Carew's unsuccessful attempt to find a match for his daughter, Michelle, and Kriss Kobata, who has been looking for a match for nine years...As Dr. Eneida Nemecek points out, "Race is part of medicine." Presented in both a full-length version and a 56-minute abridged edition, this is recommended." - Video Librarian

“Mixed Match is a solid documentary by Vancouver filmmaker Jeff Chiba Stearns, one that blends medical research and personal stories that make sure we remember that this topic is literally life and death.” – Jamie Taylor, Cinema Axis

“The way Stearns weaves expert interviews, animated sequences, voiceover narration, and personal histories is fluid and educational without ever being too dry or particularly manipulative.” – Rich Chung, rickchung.com

“A touching film. Mixed Match gives a human face to a critical need.” – Kip Fulbeck, author of Part Asian, 100% Hapa and Professor of Art, University of California, Santa Barbara

“In an increasingly multiracial world, Mixed Match is a timely film about the challenges faced by multiracial individuals finding bone marrow matches. At once moving and educational, Jeff Chiba Stearns brings his mixed media talents in animation and documentary film making to address the complex intersections of race and medicine. Highly recommended.” – Duncan Williams, Professor, University of Southern California and Founder, Hapa Japan Project.

“By now, hopefully we’ve all seen pleas to get registered via cheek swab for possible matches. Multiracial people are less represented in the registries, so finding a match is that much harder. Stearns takes us to meet people on both sides of the match, and explains the biology and science with delightful animation. His film is an important gift to the registry movement. Each of us has the potential to save a life.” - Ravi Chandra, M.D. is a psychiatrist and writer in San Francisco. He writes The Pacific Heart blog for Psychology Today.

“Everyone should watch this amazing documentary. Mixed Match is so incredibly touching and informative. You'll come out of the theatre with knowledge and hope, ready to save a life!” – Wanting Qu, International Recording Artist

“This eye-opening documentary sheds light on a topic that will become more and more important as America’s demographics continue to blend.” – Cleveland International Film Festival

“Mixed Match is Jeff Chiba Stearns’ follow-up to One Big Hapa Family, where he looked at the cultural side of his own mixed-match family. Taking this look at the corresponding biological side, he finds once again that sharing what makes one unique can make a better world.” – Victoria Film Festival