Sons of Perdition

Sons of Perdition

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  • Directed by: Tyler Measom & Jennilyn Merten
  • Produced by: Julie Goldman, Tyler Measom & Jennilyn Merten
Released: 2011
Running Time: 86 min
Subtitles: English 

A member of the Oprah Winfrey Documentary Club, the film SONS OF PERDITION follows three teenagers who escape from the chokehold of the secretive and unconventional polygamist FLDS religion and find themselves without family or money, struggling to make a future outside the constraints of the only existence they've ever known. Utilizing secret religious sermons and haunting testimony, the film also details the plight of the tyrannical prophet Warren Jeffs and reveals the struggles of life inside a polygamist society. The result is an astonishing mix of coming-of-age adventure, investigative journalism, and heartwarming drama, adding up to a remarkable story that has inspired audiences worldwide.

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• Telluride Mountain Festival
Director's Award
• Salt Lake Film Festival
Best of Show
• Akron Film Festival
Best Film Jury Award
• Lone Star Film Festival
Best Documentary


"A shining example of beautiful documentary filmmaking" – Justin Wilson, Austin Post

"An emotional rollercoaster" – Lauren Wissot, Filmmaker Magazine

"A penetrating, insightful, and riveting documentary" – Stewart Nusbaumer, Huffington Post

"A grim real-life flipside to polygamy-themed hit TV drama Big Love" – Kieran Grant, Eye Weekly

"Almost every frame brings a punch to the gut" – Jateen, Passion for Cinema

"Sons of Perdition is a deeply affecting portrait of the malignant effect such religious cults can have on children, while also holding out hope that they can ultimately overcome it." – Video Librarian VOL27