The Race to Save the World
The Race to Save the World
The Race to Save the World
The Race to Save the World

The Race to Save the World

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    • Directed by: Joe Gantz
    • Released: 2021 (educational)
    • Year of Production: 2020
Running Time: 78 min
Language: English
Subtitle Options: English Closed Captions
Subjects: Physical and Mental Health, Religion and Spirituality Studies
The Race to Save The World follows the passion and unwavering commitment of people who aren't putting their heads in the sand, or waiting for someone else to do something: they’re in the trenches fighting climate change. The Race to Save The World is a film about people, ages 15 to 72, who see the danger coming and are putting their lives on the line to try to turn this around.   
From Joe Gantz, the Emmy-winning producer of American Winter and Ending Disease, The Race To Save The World offers an intimate portrait of activists, age 15 to 72, as they put themselves on the line to fight climate change.  Encompassing protests and arrests, courtroom drama and family turmoil, these everyday heroes push to create a sustainable world, often risking their relationships, careers – and freedoms in the process. Drawing on powerful footage and moving interviews, The Race to Save The World is an inspiring call to action, urging each one of us to
become climate warriors for a livable future.
Best Documentary at the Soho International Film Festival and the Indian Cine Film Festival in Mumbai

“The Race to Save the World realistically captures characters who take real risks and the impacts on their loved ones and on themselves. Implicitly it raises questions about the best way to achieve environmental goals... Gantz' film spurs us to think about how to be more effective." – Jim Hansen, Director Climate Science, Awareness and Solutions Program Columbia University Earth Institute

“Successful social movements always have a small number of deeply-committed people willing to take extraordinary risks. The Race offers a frank look at some Americans who have chosen to place their bodies at the "tip of the spear" in the fight for climate justice. Their courage, and their resolute optimism, is inspiring. ” – Denis Hayes, Environmental and solar power advocate, coordinator of the first Earth Day and Founder of the Earth Day Network.

“The huge personal risks people are taking everyday to save our planet from toxic fossil fuel interests pulsates throughout The Race To Save The World. The courage of the climate activists featured - young and old - gives goosebumps. Story-telling, litigation and civil disobedience are essential to creating a greener, healthier and fairer future for all.” – Jennifer Morgan, Executive Director of Greenpeace International

About the filmmaker 
Joe Gantz is known for work that examines personal stories with honesty, humor, and depth. He calls his film style, “life in progress”, where his small crew fades into the background and lets the story evolve organically.  Joe tries to be present for the pivotal moments as well as the everyday moments, to give insight into each subject’s life and relationships.  The goal is to allow the subjects to be comfortable enough to go about their daily life as if there was no one filming. And the subjects are not performing, because there is no agenda, making for very authentic storytelling.  



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