Ciclovida Lifecycle
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Ciclovida Lifecycle
Ciclovida Lifecycle
Ciclovida Lifecycle

Ciclovida Lifecycle

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  • Directed by: Matt Feinstein and Loren Feinstein
  • Produced by: Matt Feinstein and Loren Feinstein

Released: 2011
Running Time: 76 min
English, Portuguese, Spanish, French
This feature-length documentary pedals alongside a group of small farmers from Brazil who bicycle over 6,000 miles across the South American continent. They use the year of travel to exchange natural seeds, songs, and ideas about new ways of relating to the land.  Moving stories from landless peasants, indigenous communities, and small farmers inform the travelers and viewers, expanding their understanding of the struggle to survive in the face of global agribusiness incursion and the takeover of monocrops for making biofuel. Peer into the lives of Inacio and Ivania, who are farmers, poets, musicians, parents, and activists for ecological and social justice. They seek to gather and disseminate thousands of seeds, a wealth of knowledge, and contribute to an invaluable network amongst small agricultural communities of Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina, all without the use of oil or biofuels. With practically no money and no support crew, the cyclists rely entirely on their resourcefulness and the solidarity of people they meet along the way. They carry with them only the simplest of necessities, their radical ideas and philosophy, collected heirloom seeds, and a video camera.

Ciclovida- Lifecycle (Trailer) from Collective Eye Films on Vimeo.


  • Official Selection, Blue Planet Film Festival, Non-competetive festival, 2010
  • Best Environmental Film Audience Award, Byron Bay International film festival (Australia), 2011
  • Semi-finalist, Global Social Change Film Festival, 2011 
  • Honorable Mention; Bike Film Festival, Vienna Austria, 2011
  • Featured Film, MACLAS conference, 2011
  • Official Selection, Boston Latino International Film Festival, 2011
  • Selection, The Wildlife Preserve film festival, 2011
  • Selection, Connecting for Change / Bioneers Conference, 2011

Quotes/ Reviews

"Ciclovida is an official selection of the 2010/11 Blue Planet Film Fest because it is a film everyone should see, farmer or not, and regardless of where you live. It is a road trip on a road map to sustainable living in a world of worsening effects from environmental destruction and an ever-lessening supply of fossil fuel."
- Mira Tweti, Festival Director, Blue Planet Film Fest

"Terrific! An honest film told by the people whose lives are deeply impacted by the mass production of supposedly 'green' biofuels. It challenges viewers to consider the impossibility of replacing our current energy demands with another resource-based fuel. Seeing this film only makes me happier to have given up owning cars, including my biodiesel station wagon. It's a must-see movie for bicycle-lovers, food growers, and activists alike. A hopeful example of pro-active people resisting the dominance of corporate agribusiness."
- Craig Saddlemire, Round Point Movies

"I attended the premier of your movie last night, and was inspired to do more to help our community and the planet. Your movie reminded me of "Food, Inc" and "Motorcycle Diaries", two of my favorite movies."
- Regina, event participant