The Heart Broken in Half

The Heart Broken in Half

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  • Directed by: Taggart Siegel & Dwight Conquergood
  • Produced by: Taggart Siegel & Dwight Conquergood

Released: 1990
Running Time: 58 min

Gangs are society's ultimate devil figure. They symbolize transgression and embody the deepest fears of middle class citizens. Few filmmakers have dared or been able to get behind the headlines to confront the human reality and complexity of street gangs in urban America. THE HEART BROKEN IN HALF challenges stereotypes, giving a voice to the street youths and revealing their underground culture, uncovering an intricate web of symbols and passions, territory and brotherhood, honor and all too often, death.

"The Heart Broken in Half reminded me of Spike Lee's best work; as a documentary it taught me about street life in today's Chicago—and by analogy about many of America's inner-cities." - Richard Schechner, Professor of Performance Studies, New York University


  • Certificate of Merit, Chicago International Film Festival
  • Certificate of Merit, North Carolina International Film Festival
  • Honorable Mention, American Psychiatric Association
  • Honorable Mention, American Film and Video Assoc.