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  • Directed by: Robert Bates
  • Produced by: Brian Kimmel


    Released: 2010
    Running Time: 67 min

    As American food nears a state of crisis, INGREDIENTS explores a thriving local food movement where community, food-safety, and flavor are commonplace. A feature-length documentary narrated by Bebe Neuwirth, the film takes us across the United States, from the urban food deserts of Harlem to the diversified farms of the Hudson River and Willamette Valleys to the kitchens of celebrated chefs Alice Waters, Peter Hoffman and Greg Higgins. INGREDIENTS is a journey that reveals the people who are bringing good food back to the table, and the myriad ways we all can eat better. INGREDIENTS empowers and sparks the joy of discovery in creating a healthier, more sustainable model for living and eating well in a world in need of balance.

    Bonus Features Include:
    Extended Interview with Alice Waters; Slow Food vs. Fast Food; 4 Seasonal Stories, and Educational Study Guide. 


    Ingredients from Collective Eye Films on Vimeo.


    • Silver Sierra award, Yosemite International Film Festival
    • Official Selection Hawaii International Film Festival
    • Official Selection Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival


    "Through beautiful imagery and thoughtful interviews, INGREDIENTS reminds us that the most delicious food is prepared with seasonal, ripe, fresh ingredients and raised by people who care for the land."
    —Alice Waters, Chez Panisse

    "'Ingredients' was one of the most expertly crafted and most effective documentaries about food that I have ever seen."
    —Eric Shlapak,

    "Thank you for this tremendous film. You tackle some of the most critical issues we face. INGREDIENTS could not have come at a better time."
    —Sam Kass, chef to Barack and Michele Obama

    "Local food is the most interesting trend of our time–towards the real, away from the fake; towards work, away from convenience. Towards satisfaction, away from gratification. This film captures the intrigue."
    —Bill McKibben, author of "Deep Economy"

    "This beautifully made and photographed film's very positive tone was the antithesis of FOOD, INC which was a scathing, but well deserved, indictment of agribusiness. This fabulous and informative film will make you hungry and have you running to the nearest farmers market eager to eat what's in season and grown locally. Highly recommended!"
    —Mark M Corcoran, The Independent