We The People 2.0
We The People 2.0
We The People 2.0

We The People 2.0

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  • Directed by: Leila Conners
  • Release Date: 2018 (Educational)
  • Year of Production: 2016
Running Time: 91 min
Language: English
Accessibility: Includes English closed captions
Subjects: Government, American Studies, Sociology
“If you live in a corporate state, the only thing left is to dismantle it and build something new.”
Choose Democracy, Not Oligarchy

We the People 2.0 is a documentary which highlights the struggle between communities and corporations in a battle for local rights. The story unfolds through the eyes of rural people who have faced decades of toxic dumps, drilling and mines in their communities.  We learn with these citizens how powerless they feel, even in "the best democracy in the world."

People in these communities come to understand that the reason they can’t stop the destruction is that the US has become an oligarchy, run by the corporate few who ignore the rights and will of the people.  We The People 2.0 follows people who are challenging our corporate state; thereby saving nature and themselves. Thomas Linzey, a nonprofit attorney and others show how communities can lay claim to their democracy.  




World Premiere 2016 Seattle Film Festival (SIFF) 

Official Selection Colorado Environmental Film Festival

Official Selection Wild & Scenic Film Festival

Official Selection Oneonta Film Festival

Official Selection Bioneers Film Series

Official Selection The Salem Progressive Film Series



"We the People 2.0 confronts its viewers with the ravages of mine tailings and leaky containment ponds, of sludge and ooze and grue, all of which, the film documents, are killing people, particularly in the cancer-blighted small towns of North America." - Seattle International Film Festival

“Americans are often under the belief that the EPA or their local state environmental agency is going to save them from environmental pollution, and that is simply not the case," says Leila Conners, a documentarian whose 2016 film, We the People 2.0, examines how corporations undermine American democracy. "What people have to realize is that they are participating in a system that is not working. Across our country right now, companies are allowed to dump their waste pretty much for free.” 
- Rolling Stone

“A riveting documentary about ordinary citizens taking back their governments.”  - Quad City Times

“The fundamental, timely message of We the People—that meaningful action to reassert control of our health, quality of life, and democracy must be rooted in our local communities—resonates. “Right where we live,” CELDF’s Ben Price says, “is where we need to have democracy the most.” In a year when corporate media have bombarded us with nonstop presidential campaign coverage, this message is welcome and crucial.”  - YES! Magazine

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