Licensing Information

Educational Licensing

An educational license is:

  • Used for internal-educational purposes by the organization/institution purchasing the title.
  • If the license includes public performance rights (PPR), the film may also be exhibited internally for members of the organization only. Such exhibitions may not be publicly advertised, and must be screened for non-paying audiences.
  • This license is good for the life of the format.
  • Purchasing multiple titles, or several copies of the same title, can result in a substantial discount if a custom quote is requested.

Universities, Colleges, Corporations License (with PPR):
This license is for colleges, universities, and corporations who want to own a copy of the title for their library or office. With this license,  the film may be used by students, staff and faculty  in classrooms or for private home-use, by patrons, or it may be screened by the library for members at no cost. Additionally, corporations may use this license as an educational tool for their employees.

K-12, Public Libraries, Non-profits & Government Agencies (with PPR):
This license is for high schools, public libraries, government agencies, and community organizations (such as church groups and civic organizations). These licenses are discounted up to 75% per title to make our films more accessible to these organizations.  The use of the film must be in-house, for educational purposes only.

Public Libraries License (without PPR): 
Public libraries can purchase an educational license
without Public Performance Rights (PPR) for a significantly discounted price. The purpose of this license is strictly for lending to patrons for home-use viewing. If this license type is available for a Collective Eye Films title, the price will be indicated under "Public Libraries (without PPR)" on the online catalog pages.


Screenings Licensing

A screening license is:

  • Used for a one time showing of a film to a larger audience.
  • The type of screening license depends on the location of the screening.
  • Any screening event that is open to the public requires a screening license.
  • With a screening license you can charge admission, accept donations and advertise your screening. 

Community Screening License: 
A community screening license is necessary for any public showing of a film that is in a community venue such as a theater, church, or any venue open to members of the public. A discount can be offered for multiple screenings, and possibly for limited budgets. By purchasing a community screening license, you are able to screen the film to an audience at no charge, or for suggested donation or required admissions. We encourage the use of Collective Eye Films community screening licenses for fundraising purposes, and we offer discounted wholesale prices on home-use copies of the film to sell at the screening in order to recoup some of the license fee cost.

Please email screenings[at] for more information about screening licensing and/or wholesale DVD purchase.


 Digital Site Licenses (DSL)

Collective Eye Films offers educational digital site licenses (DSL) for a portion of our educational collection. Collective Eye Films DSLs are required to be hosted on a single password protected institutional server. DSLs are licensed for the life of format, and delivered digitally. The prices for DSLs are indicated under "Digital Site Licenses" on the online catalog pages where applicable.


Home-Use Licensing

A portion of our titles are available for home-use viewing. Home video purchasers may use the videos only within the home, for screening among friends and family. The price for home-use licensing for select titles is indicated under "home-use (without PPR)" on the online catalog pages.