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    • Directed by: Michael Mulcahy
    • Produced by: Michael Mulcahy

    Released: 2009
    Running Time: 55 min

    CORRECTION juxtaposes the “philosophy” of incarceration with the daily reality of life in prison to tell a story about power, justice, and the American prison system. Following four recruits through the Arizona Department of Corrections’ seven-week training academy and then over their first nine months with the state prison system, the documentary reveals a complex set of relations between correctional officer and inmate, one in which even the delivery of a food tray becomes a contest of power and control. It is a system that, in the words of one of the officers featured, “breaks everyone down,’ officer and inmate alike. Although set in Arizona, this documentary focuses on issues that reverberate across the entire country: rising incarceration rates and dwindling state budgets set against the daily tensions of life in prison.


    “It breaks you down, it breaks everyone down.”
    — Correctional Office Michael Burns

    "CORRECTION reveals the experience of prison from the perspective of those who 'voluntarily' work inside - that of the guards - and in doing so the film raises provocative and disturbing questions."
    — Tom Beal, review from the Arizona Daily Star, January 2004