Earth Sutra
Earth Sutra
Earth Sutra
Earth Sutra
Earth Sutra
Earth Sutra

Earth Sutra

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    • Directed by: Jordi Carot & Jose Sáenz de Heredia
    • Released: 2021 (educational)
    • Year of Production: 2016
Running Time: 52 & 90 min
Language: English, Tibetan, Spanish, Catalan
Subtitle Options: English Closed Captions
Subjects: Religion and Spirituality Studies, Asian Studies
What do you know of Tibet? 'Earth Sutra' is a documentary film that will change your vision of Tibet that has been controlled for 55 years by the Chinese oppression. Dare to reflect your relationship with the Earth, as well as your relationship with other human beings through Earth Sutra, a portrait of the survival in exile of the Tibetan people and about how their ancient culture can positively influence other parts of our planet in the face of the challenges and crises that are occurring in the 21st century.

Key concepts in today's world such as natural resources, interdependence or universal justice are alarmingly manifested in the case of Tibet and transcend purely Tibetan interest to acquire global relevance.

Shot over eight years in India, Nepal, Europe and the United States, it gathers the testimony of various personalities related to Tibet and its culture such as H.H. Dalai Lama, the Sikiong Lobsang Sangay (Tibetan Prime Minister in exile), Richard Gere (actor and activist), Palden Gyatso (monk and former political prisoner), Robert Thurman (director of the House of Tibet in N.Y. and father of actress Uma Thurman), Ringu Tulku Rinpoche (Tibetan monk and teacher), Jose Elias (lawyer and professor of international law) and many more.

Winner Hollywood International Independent Documentary
Barcelona Film and Human Rights Festival Official Selection  
Premios Goya Spain
Premis Gaudí Catalonia
Gran Canaria Espacio Digital
B The Travel Brand Barcelona
International Spiritual Film India
Festival Pour la Paix France
Un trono tra le nuvole Rimini Italia
The Foundation for Universal Responsibility of His Holiness Dalai Lama Auditorium India International Centre
Cinema Screenbox Lleida

"Mother Earth is the most beautiful Bodhisattva." -Thich Nhat Hanh, a Vietnamese Buddhist monk


About the filmmaker 
Photographer and film director, was born in Barcelona and reborn in Varanasi 33 years later, he was at age 5 when he designed and edited his first magazine based on clippings from sports newspapers.

His first film Earth Sutra (2016) led him to travel around India and Nepal to film the Tibetan communities. The premiere in the cinema of Madrid was attended and sponsored by Richard Gere.

He is working on 2 new documentary series 'Cool Japan' and 'The Invented City'.

He's a MileDreams director, a trans-media production company based in Barcelona which specializes in devising and creating projects focused on the global market and newest emerging platforms.







Born and raised in Madrid, since his childhood, drawing and painting have been his main means of  creative expression, then for three years he studied architecture in Madrid and later went to study  in London at the Wimbledon Art School. He then moves to Barcelona, where he lived for 14 years,  to complete his artistic studies and obtained a degree in Electronic Art and Digital Design at the  ESDI (Ramon Llull University). It is through this degree that he develops his other creative aspect,  the video, as an audiovisual producer and documentary director.  

In the audiovisual field he has developed his career working as an art director and audiovisual  producer for advertising agencies (Ruiz Nicoli Lines and SCPF), as a video film-maker for an  audiovisual publication (GAZ Magazine) and as a co -founder of the dLIGHTBOX audiovisual  studio specialized in audiovisual installations. He completes his audiovisual career with the filming  and production of several video-clips, multiple audiovisual works both in the commercial and  artistic fields, and three documentaries, two related with social issues, ‘Obra Perú’ on the  regenerative capacity of art in conflict zones in Peru and ‘Earth Sutra’ (filmed with Jordi Carot) on  the survival of Tibet in exile and its influence on the planet. His third documentary is about the 100- year-old Spanish painter Ginés Liébana ‘El Metafisicante Verbum tuum’. 

In 2021 he’s preparing a documentary series of seven chapters about the traditions of India and  their practices for wellness such us yoga, mindfulness, meditation or ayurveda.


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