Edible City
Edible City
Quote: "Awesome new fast-paced documentary all about the food revolution is the SF Bay Area." - Johanna Silver, Sunset Magazine
Fresh produce from documentary "Edible City"
Quote: "An inspirational, down-to-earth movie; it captures the spirit of a movement that's making real change. MUST WATCH." - Pieceofhealth.com
City garden from documentary "Edible City"
Quote: "The portrayal of the intersection of agriculture with inner-city problems is fresh and inpiring." - Cynthia Salaysay, East Bay Express
City garden from documentary "Edible City"

Edible City

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  • Directed by: Andrew Hasse
  • Produced by: Andrew Hasse & Carl Grether
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Released: 2014
Running Time: 55 mins
Subtitles: English, Spanish, French

EDIBLE CITY is a fun, fast-paced journey through the local Good Food Movement that's taking root in the San Francisco Bay Area, across the nation, and around the world. Introducing a diverse cast of extraordinary and eccentric characters who are challenging the paradigm of our broken food system, EDIBLE CITY digs into their unique perspectives and transformative work—from edible education to grassroots activism to building local economies—finding hopeful solutions to monumental problems.


Edible City - Trailer from Edible City on Vimeo.

Reviews/ Testimonials:

"EDIBLE CITY teaches us many things about food—from production to consumption—but, more importantly, it makes us realize that we are not alone in this fight. From city to city, country to country, people are rallying together to create a food revolution."

 "Recommended - Despite the distressing reasons presented on why the Local Good Food movement is necessary -- the predicted second depression, laws limiting farmers to specific crops, urban food deserts, everyday disconnect from the corporate industrial food system -- Edible City is an uplifting documentary. The film accomplishes the goal of the movement, which is to provoke people into thinking about food and motivate them to get their hands in the dirt. Of the many local activists, community leaders and educators interviewed, none were master gardeners or chefs when they got involved. They saw a need in their community and participated in solving the food crisis by simply planting some seeds in their yards and abandoned lots. While Edible City’s budget must have been small, the gardens, produce, and communities look bright and engaging. Shots of goats, rabbits, chickens, and dirt depict this grassroots movement as approachable and empowering. While the focus is on the San Francisco Bay Area, this could be any community, rural or urban, in the United States."

- Educational Media Review Onlince 

"Recommended - Hard on the heels of Slow Food Story (VL-1/15) - Stefano Sardo's spirited documentary about the international movement to encourage local food production and regional cuisine both to improve diet and protect the environment - comes this engaging film by Andrew W. Hasse, which offers a microcosmic view, focusing on the Good Food Movement that has sprung up in the San Francisco Bay Region. We hear comments from theorists who talk about how the industrialization of agriculture began during World War II (with one suggesting that many of us are now effectively "eating oil"), witness scenes of individuals who beginning small gardens on public land, and meet dedicated believes who work in co-ops that aim to produce nutritious canned goods (often made from scraps that might normally be thrown away), to be provided at reasonable cost to locals. The claims that some make for the project-one insists it's a cutting-edge endeavor that will eventually become popular, while another describes it as the recovery of a lost art designed to "reintegrate human beings into the natural world" - sometimes sound extravagant, but overall this is an affectionate portrait of individuals (some eccentric) who are deeply committed to what they believe is worthwhile, indeed necessary, enterprise."

- Video Librarian