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Hog Haven

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    • Directed by: Christopher Beeson
    • Released: 2022 (educational)
    • Year of Production: 2021
Running Time: 90 min & 58 Min Edu cut
Language: English
Subtitle Options: English Closed Captions
Subjects: Animal Conservation, Food Studies
An intimate and personal story about Hog Haven Farm Sanctuary in rural Colorado, home to over 125 rescued pigs. Hog Haven is a film that advocates for the welfare of farm animals and making informed plant-based lifestyle choices.


Erin Brinkley-Burgardt is a magnetic woman completely driven by her life’s mission to rescue, rehabilitate and find homes for as many pigs as possible. The story of Erin’s physical and mental recovery from a tragic event forms the emotional core of her transformation into the co-founder of one of the largest and most respected pig sanctuaries in the country.

Filmmaker Christopher Beeson dedicated himself to this story after meeting Katniss Eversqueal, one of Hog Haven’s therapy pigs. What began as a profile of Hog Haven Farm grew into an exploration of the farm animal rescue community and the principles that tie their missions together: advocacy for animal rights and welfare, educating people about the complex emotional and cognitive intelligence of pigs, and living deeply informed plant-based lifestyles.

Hog Haven farm sanctuary is a microcosm of the huge network of farm animal rescue organizations across the country that work closely with each other to rescue and rehabilitate these highly emotional and intelligent animals. The world of animal rescue, and farm animal rescue in particular, is made possible by thousands of people like Erin and Andrew who devote their lives to this mission.

“…a beautiful gift to anyone who will take it in — both the film and the message.” - Cindy Gordon, PhD HealChangeGrow.com / Doolittle Farm Sanctuary

“Not only does this film take an in-depth look into an operation I am passionate about, it also raises awareness for farmed animal advocacy, plant-based lifestyle choices, and the positive impact from connections between humans and animals.” -Erin Brinkley-Burgardt, Hog Haven farm sanctuary co-founder

About the filmmaker 

Beeson’s documentary films focus on topics of animal and social welfare. His films have been screened at film festivals worldwide and on PBS. Hog Haven will be released on PBS stations nationwide in summer 2022. Beeson works in the Film and Television department at the University of Colorado in Denver. He is vegan and passionate about his many dogs.



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