In Bed With Ulysses
In Bed With Ulysses

In Bed With Ulysses

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    • Directed by: Kate Taverna & Alan Adelson
    • Released: 2022 (educational)
    • Year of Production: 2012
Running Time: 80 min
Language: English
Subtitle Options: English Closed Captions
Subjects: Art & Culture
Racing against impending blindness, a monomaniacal genius feeds off his own love life to create a novel he hopes will change the art form of fiction forever. And James Joyce got his way, but at an enormous price. The feature length documentary "In Bed With Ulysses" tells the provocative story of how the novel that is widely considered the greatest work of modern fiction was created. With readings featuring Kathleen Chalfant (Angels in America, Wit) as Molly Bloom. Nationwide theatrical rollout. Two consecutive years of Bloomsday projections at Symphony Space in NYC.

"The movie lets fresh air into Ulysses like a gust from the Irish Sea."
—NY Times 

"Thankfully, In Bed with Ulysses, a clever and well-constructed new film by co-directors Alan Adelson and Kate Taverna, provides an intelligent visual primer for contemporary audiences and helps make accessible something that often can seem impenetrable." -EMRO, Phillip Hallman, University of Michigan


About the filmmakers 
Alan Adelson works in both film and print. His film and television credits include: European production coordinator on One Survivor Remembers, (HBO,) 1995,  winner of the Best Short Documentary Oscar and three Emmy Awards.  As producer, co-director and writer: Lodz Ghetto, (PBS, Channel Four, 9 other countries) short-listed for Best Feature Length Documentary Oscar, 1989, winner, International Film Critics Prize, 8 international film festivals; Two Villages in Kosovo, 2006, (ARTE, RTE), and In Bed With Ulysses, 2012.   The People vs. Agent Orangewon the Jury Award in the 2020 Eugene Environmental Film Festival and the Organization of American Historians 2021 Erik Barnouw award.  Adelson made worldwide headlines with his investigative articles in Esquire and the Wall Street Journal revealing the disappearance of enriched plutonium from a nuclear reprocessing plant.
Taverna edited, produced and co-directed In Bed with Ulysses as well as co-directed and edited the feature length Lodz Ghetto, both of which had nationwide theatrical releases.  Adelson and Taverna also collaborated on Two Villages in Kosovo for ARTE France and Germany, and RTE Ireland.  Taverna has edited more than 50 films over her career:  Asylum and  Killing in the Name were Academy award nominees in Best Short Documentary category in 2004 and 2011 respectively.   The feature length Pray the Devil Back to Hell won Best Documentary award at the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival.   She's Beautiful When She's Angry won the Audience award at the 2014 Boston Independent film festival, released theatrically nationwide and globally on Netflix.  Los Sures, a film she edited in 1984, premiered at the NY Film Festival that year and was re-programmed again in 2014, then went on to a nationwide theatrical release.


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