Martha's Vineyard v. DeSantis
Martha's Vineyard v. DeSantis
Martha's Vineyard v. DeSantis
Martha's Vineyard v. DeSantis
Martha's Vineyard v. DeSantis

Martha's Vineyard v. DeSantis

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    • Directed by: Kate Davis & David Heilbronn
    • Released: 2024 (educational)
    • Year of Production: 2023
Running Time: 45 min
Language: English
Subtitle Options: English Closed Captions
Subjects: US Politics, Immigration and Refugees

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In September 2022, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis used an undercover recruiter to lure 49 Venezuelan migrants onto the island of Martha’s Vineyard with a false promise of jobs and housing — a stunt which fueled a political and media firestorm. “Martha’s Vineyard v. DeSantis” tells this story through the personal lens of four migrant cousins who now live on the Vineyard, and the lead attorneys and Texas sheriff who are aggressively fighting back against DeSantis and his cronies.
NBC Original

About the filmmaker 

KATE DAVIS – Producer/DirectorKATE DAVIS studied and taught filmmaking at Harvard University. Her feature documentary GIRLTALK focused on three teenage girls who suffered from sexual abuse and/or neglect. An AMPAS member, her film SOUTHERN COMFORT won dozens of awards including The Grand Jury Prize at Sundance, The Berlin Film Fest Special Jury Award, First Prize at Hot Docs and Seattle Film Festival, and The Grierson Award in England.

DAVID HEILBRONER – Writer/Producer/DirectorA former prosecutor at the Manhattan District Attorney’s office and Federal District Court law clerk, Heilbroner produced many documentaries on criminal justice issues for A&E Television Networks. A member of AMPAS AND ATAS, Heilbroner was senior producer on CRIME STORIES, a series for Court TV, as well as on AMERICAN BABYLON (2003) a feature documentary for Court TV. He also wrote the critically acclaimed non-fiction books Rough Justice (Pantheon 1990) and Death Benefit (Crown/Harmony 1993).

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