Peace Commandos

Peace Commandos

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  • Directed by: Skye Fitzgerald
  • Produced by: Skye Fitzgerald
Released: 2010
Running Time: 27 min, with additional sequences: 54 min

PEACE COMMANDOS is a documentary film featuring the work of Search for Common Ground (SFCG), an innovative organization working to transform conflict in Congolese society through interactive street theater, and Mines Advisory Group (MAG), a humanitarian mine action organization working to collect and destroy weapons stores in the country. The film also raises global awareness regarding the ongoing conflict in Democratic Republic of the Congo, and documents the use of local interactive street theater as a tool for resolving violent conflict, thus expanding the public's knowledge about the intersection of loosely-held weapons and landmine stockpiles in civilian environments, while demonstrating a positive peace-building model for communities for many parts of the world to emulate. The film profiles the work of SFCG and MAG, exploring the thesis that both the destruction of the physical tools of violence as well as a more subtle disarmament of the mind must take place in order for a lasting peace to emerge in a society fractured by decades of conflict. The film weaves these two narrative strands together amidst a broader societal context demonstrating the effects of armed conflict on civilians in a society governed by the rule of the gun rather than the rule of law.

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