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    • Directed by: Lina Plioplyte
    • Released: 2024 (educational)
    • Year of Production: 2023
Running Time: 94 min
Language: English
Subtitle Options: English Closed Captions
Subjects: Womens Studies, Women's Health Studies

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In our era of social media-empowered feminism, after centuries of societal-enforced stigma, menstruation has finally begun to bleed out into the mainstream. We’re finally using red liquid instead of blue in period product ads, seeing beauty influencers use their period blood for facials on social media, and even the most daring period scenes are being depicted on tv — but we still know alarmingly little when it comes to menstruation. And we still have even further to go in the battle to acknowledge and accept periods for exactly what they are: Bloody. Beautiful. Normal. "Periodical," a new feature documentary from XTR and MSNBC Films, tells the unexpected story of the human body by exploring the marvel and mystery of the menstrual cycle, from first period to last. But this is not your middle school sex-ed class. Bringing you stories from soccer champion Megan Rapinoe who reveals how members of the U.S. Soccer team track their cycles when training for the Women’s World Cup (which they won), to scientists who are discovering the power and possibilities of stem cells found in period blood, to young activists flipping the bill on period tax one state at a time, we uncover the shocking truths, challenge taboos, and celebrate the untapped potential of this special nutrient-dense blood. Through innovative mixed media storytelling, "Periodical" is for everyone who wants to know more about the menstrual cycle, and especially for those who don’t.

NBC Original
"Per the press release, Periodicalis for everyone who wants to know more about the menstrual cycle, and especially those who don’t."
— Glamour

". It’s entertaining and informative (even for those of us who’ve been menstruating for multiple decades now) and, ultimately, empowering—proof that knowledge does indeed give you agency." - Vogue


About the filmmaker 
Lina Lyte Plioplyte is Lithuanian born documentary filmmaker and cameraperson, living and working between USA and Mexico. Her colorful work has been acknowledged with an Emmy, Silver Lion and Clio. Her films have been showcased in SxSW, IDFA, The Venice Biennale, streamed on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, PBS and MSNBC.


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