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Red Soil
Red Soil
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Red Soil

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    • Directed by: Farid Bentoumi
    • Released: 2024 (educational)
    • Year of Production: 2022
Running Time: 86 min
Language: French
Subtitle Options: English Closed Captions
Subjects: Narrative Feature, Labor Issues, Environmental Issues

Zita Hanrot (Fatima) delivers an extraordinary performance at the unflinching eye of this environmental thriller’s storm.

When Hanrot’s Nour, a nurse, is put on probation after a fatal accident at her emergency room, she takes charge of the infirmary of the chemical factory where her father (Sami Bouajila, André Téchiné’s The Witnesses) has worked for nearly 30 years. As she starts scheduling routine check-ups, Nour is struck by odd gaps in the records and a general skepticism from the workers. Her suspicions build when a reporter (Céline Sallette, House of Tolerance) raises concerns about undisclosed toxic waste dumps.

With each harrowing revelation, Red Soil pulls apart a conspiracy at the damning intersection of pollution and globalist exploitation. 

Official Selection at 2022 Festival de Cannes
"Considering that Red Soil moves through familiar beats of the genre – think Erin Brockovich or Dark Waters – what sets it apart is the emotional tug-of-war between father and daughter, beautifully portrayed by stellar acting from Bouajila and Hanrot. Instead of passing judgment, the film remains understanding of Slimane’s conservatism, which stems from a desire for financial security among working-class people in a precarious society."
— The Guardian
About the filmmaker 


After purs­ing high­er edu­ca­tion for sev­er­al years, and a great many voy­ages, he decid­ed to call the the­ater his home. Trained in impro­vi­sa­tion, he has played Nova­ri­na, Beck­ett, Brecht, and Racine, but also appeared in sev­er­al short films and tele­vi­sion series. He then launched into writ­ing screen­plays and received the 2006 Grand Jury Prize from the Screen­writ­ers’ Fes­ti­val. After direct­ing sev­er­al short films, he made in 2015 his fea­ture direc­to­r­i­al debut, social com­e­dy Good Luck Sam. RED SOIL is his sec­ond feature.


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