The Challenge of Rudolf Steiner PAL
The Challenge of Rudolf Steiner PAL
The Challenge of Rudolf Steiner PAL
The Challenge of Rudolf Steiner PAL
The Challenge of Rudolf Steiner PAL
The Challenge of Rudolf Steiner PAL

The Challenge of Rudolf Steiner PAL

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  • Directed by: Jonathan Stedall
  • Produced by: Jonathan 

This is a PAL version DVD (will not play on American DVD players)

Released: 2012

Running Time: Part One 90 min.,  Part Two 105 min.

For those fortunate enough to encounter Steiner's unique insights and research, his work has long been a source of wonder and inspiration. Since his death in 1925, Steiner's vision has grown in both relevance and urgency. THE CHALLENGE OF RUDOLF STEINER tells the story of his remarkable life, interwoven with examples of how his ideas and insights have influenced contemporary work in education, agriculture, medicine, finance, and the arts across the globe. To commemorate the 150th anniversary of Rudolf Steiner's birth, this two part documentary looks at his inspiring life, the impact and influence of his ideas and insights, and the activities, organizations, and establishments that embody his philosophies today. Interwoven with Steiner's biography, the film features teachers, doctors, biodynamic farmers, as well as social and business entrepreneurs, bankers, and economists drawing on the research and the indications given by Steiner to deepen our understanding of the human being and the world in which we live. THE CHALLENGE OF RUDOLF STEINER is comprised of sequences of the Austrian countryside where Steiner grew up, and Vienna where he studied science and mathematics, old photographs, archive film, paintings, and interviews with those who have studied his biography in great depth.

The Challenge of Rudolf Steiner (Trailer) from Collective Eye Films on Vimeo.

Part One (1 hour, 30 minutes) profiles Steiner's life, from his childhood in the Austrian countryside to his years as a student in Vienna to the last twenty-five years of his life, spent lecturing across Europe. Steiner's search for a way of life that wove science and spirituality together led him to farmers, educators, artists, and even those in the medical profession.

Part Two (1 hour, 45 minutes) focuses on examples of Steiner's legacy in the US, United Kingdom, and India today. By taking a look contemporary Waldorf education, Biodynamic agriculture, the Eurythmy philosophy, and the Camphill communities for special needs, the film brings to light the way Steiner's influence has spread through both time and place.



"Seeing so many people committed to bringing Steiner's ideas to life – and doing it so lovingly and gracefully – felt like a wonderful antidote to the crazy times we live in" 
– A.P.  Oregon, USA
"The worldwide spread of Rudolf Steiner's gifts to humanity were beautifully portrayed"
– J.C.  Sussex, England
"I suspect the film will create innumerable ripples and waves for the people who see it – and may even change life directions for some"
– L.G.  Bristol, England
"... the film makes you realize the importance and responsibility of being truly human"
– R.E.  Bangor, Wales

"... a veritable triumph, and a rich feast of so much depth and inspiration"
– J.R.  London
"The film conveys the breadth, scope, geographical reach, contemporary relevance and beauty of Steiner's legacy, and the challenge it offers us"
– Ralph White, New York Open Center, USA