The Listening Project (Home-Use)

The Listening Project (Home-Use)

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    • Directed by: Irene Taylor Brodsky & Jane Madell
    • Released: April 2018 (Educational)
    • Year of Production: 2018
Running Time: 35 minutes (and 24 minute version included)
Format: NTSC DVD
Language: English
Open Captions: English or Spanish
Subjects: People with DisabilitySociology, Technology,

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The profound impact of technology on the lives and identities of young deaf adults is explored in The Listening Project.  Fourteen deaf people tell stories beginning with a childhood wide-eyed about sound, into the growing pains of adolescence and, eventually, their professional lives.  Sometimes humorous, always tender, The Listening Project is a timely coming of age story, one we haven’t heard before. 

The Listening Project is directed by Academy Award-nominated, Emmy and Peabody Award-winning filmmaker Irene Taylor Brodsky and Jane Madell, Clinical Audiologist and Professor.


The Listening Project is just beginning its educational campaign. Early events include...

• American Cochlear Implant Alliance Emerging Issues Symposium CI2018 DC March 9, 2018 -

• Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Annual Meeting 2018 March 18-20 2018, Denver CO -

• AGBell Conference, Scottsdale AZ (Upcoming June 2018)
• NYMedical Center Screening (Upcoming April 2018)


Irene Taylor Brodsky

Irene is an Oscar-nominated, Emmy and Peabody Award-winning filmmaker, most recently nominated for Best Director and Best Documentary with her film Beware the Slenderman at the 2017 Critics Choice Awards.  Her other credits include Hear and Now, Open Your Eyes, One Last Hug, Saving Pelican 895, and The Final Inch.

Jane Madell

Dr. Jane Madell is an internationally renowned pediatric audiologist, speech language pathologist, and LSLS auditory verbal therapist. She has published 7 text books, numerous book chapters, and journal articles. She is a former clinic director and now consults nationally and internationally on management of hearing loss in children. 

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