The Power of Two
The Power of Two
The Power of Two
The Power of Two
The Power of Two

The Power of Two

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  • Directed by: Marc Smolowitz
  • Produced by: Andrew Byrnes

Released: 2012
Running Time: 94 min
Subtitles: English and Japanese with English Subtitles 
Includes: Discussion and Action Guide
Subjects: Multicultural Studies, Human Rights

A story of twin sisters, two cultures, and two new chances at life. Inspired by their 2007 memoir, THE POWER OF TWO offers an intimate portrayal of the bond between half-Japanese twin sisters Anabel Stenzel and Isabel Stenzel Byrnes, their battle with the fatal genetic disease cystic fibrosis (CF) and miraculous survival through double lung transplants. Defying all odds, Ana and Isa have emerged as authors, athletes and global advocates for organ donation, and their connection to the CF and transplant communities provides rare insight into the struggles — and overlooked joys — of chronic illness. Featuring archival footage and probing expert interviews, this poignant directorial debut of Academy Award nominated producer Marc Smolowitz presents a multi-faceted portrayal of a society at a tipping point around this triumph of modern medicine. Evocative without being sentimental, THE POWER OF TWO reveals the twins not as heroines but as authentic women who share our fears about mortality and inspire us to make a difference.

The Power Of Two (Trailer) from Collective Eye Films on Vimeo.

to read Collective Eye's interview with the Stenzel twins


  • Winner Slate Award Best Documentary Feature, California Independent Film Festival
  • World Premiere, DocuWeeks Theatrical Showcase
  • International Premiere, Tokyo International Film Festival 
  • Winner Audience Choice Award, San Diego Asian Film Festival   



 "...COMPELLING...POETIC... Powerfully conveys the promise of redemption... a message celebrating life that can resonate everywhere!" - The Wall Street Journal

 "The Power of Two deftly weaves emotional storytelling and detailed facts to connect us with the important topic of organ donation and Cystic Fibrosis... The film not only provided an engaging learning experience for the kids but it also had them thoughtfully considering how they would participate in the organ donation... I would highly recommend for use within the high school classroom for teachers looking closely at the social issues and community health concerns in their curriculum. The Power of Two is a perfect resource." -Keith Zwolfer, Youth Education Program Manager, San Francisco Film Society 

"Extremely powerful... The individual stories women together tell a story far more meaningful and gripping than that of any of the fascinating characters alone. The film elicited the heaviest of emotions, but always respectfully, and with perfect balance... It is unquestionably on of the best documentaries ever produced." -Deborah Apple, Health & Science Teacher, Raoul Wallenberg High School, San Francisco

"The Power of Two not only empowers patients that have been thought lung transplantation and those about to embark on their own transplant journey, it gives the healthcare providers a very personal view of what patients endure to live longer lives. The emotions you feel while watching the twins experience hardship and victory over CF stays with you long after the film has ended." -Mary Lester RRT, Medical University of South Caroline/ Cystic Fibrosis Center, Charleston, SC

"This would be a good film for CF and organ transplant groups, but it would be even better as part of a general educational effort on organ donation... This film is a testament to [the twins'] determination and resilience in the face of a daunting daily struggle to cope with the disease and even their possible deaths from it while awaiting lung transplants." -Educational Media Reviews Online