Two Lottery Tickets
Two Lottery Tickets
Two Lottery Tickets
Two Lottery Tickets
Two Lottery Tickets

Two Lottery Tickets

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    • Directed by: Paul Negoescu
    • Released: 2022 (educational)
    • Year of Production: 2016
Running Time: 86 min
Language: Romanian
Subtitle Options: English Closed Captions
Subjects: Narrative Fiction

The next generation of Romanian filmmaking talent finally arrives in the U.S. with Paul Negoescu and Two Lottery Tickets. A buddy comedy produced on a shoestring budget, starring three of the most recognizable faces in Romanian movies, Two Lottery Tickets suggests Pineapple Express by way of Abbas Kiarostami

A winsome, riotous comedy of errors, Negoescu’s second feature is an audience-friendly social satire which merges a stoner’s shaggy-dog story with the sophisticated, intensely realistic style that has made the Romania cinema one of the most popular national film movements in the world.

Police, Adjective star Dragoș Bucur plays against type as Sile, an irresponsible carpenter who spends most afternoons at the pub, placing small bets, racking up a huge tab, and buying lottery tickets. He convinces his drinking buddy Dinel (Dorian Boguță), whose wife has just left him for an Italian, to play the lottery one hot afternoon. Borrowing a few Euro from Pompiliu (Alexandru Papadopol), the local conspiracy theorist, Dinel plays the numbers on the off chance that a win would bring back his wife. 

After two petty criminals jack his fanny-pack and the winning ticket, the three guys spend what little money they have tracking down the thieves. Although all three guys are easy marks with zero talent for sleuthing, their wild goose chase around Dinel’s apartment complex precedes a road trip to Bucharest, where the two thugs might be about to cash in on the €6 million jackpot.

Unpretentious, well-acted, and consistently hilarious, Two Lottery Tickets is a breezy reminder of the eternal essentials for good comedy: smart performances, a clever and intuitive style, and an irresistibly, unpredictable yarn.


Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival 2015 Official Selection 

American Romanian Film Festival 2015 Official Selection 

Julien Dubuque International Film Festival 2015 Official Selection 

Romanian Film Festival (Seattle) 2015 Official Selection


“A scrappy...uproarious Romanian comedy... shot to look like a faded Polaroid photograph that evokes summers long gone.” – The Hollywood Reporter

"Aims to make its audience chortle continuously for 86 minutes succeeds mightily.” – Slant Magazine



About the filmmaker 
Paul Negoescu holds a degree in film directing from the National Film School in Romania. He directed several short films that have been awarded at a number of important international film festivals (including festivals in Cannes, Berlin, Sarajevo, Karlovy Vary and Rotterdam). He has been nominated for the European Film Academy award in 2009 and 2011. His first feature A MONTH IN THAILAND premiered in the International Critics’ Week program of the Venice Film Festival. The film received several awards including FIPRESCI Award at the International Film Festival in Sofia. Negoescu founded his own company for production of short, documentary and animated films. He is also the founder of Timishort Film Festival in Timisoara, Romania.



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