Unlikely Friends
Scene from documentary "Unlikely Friends"
Scene from documentary "Unlikely Friends"
Quote: "Moving, inspiring, revolutionary." - Jack Kornfield, Buddhist Teacher and Author
Scene from documentary "Unlikely Friends"
Scene from documentary "Unlikely Friends"

Unlikely Friends

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    • Directed and Produced by: Leslie Neale
Released: 2013
Running Time: 62 min
Language:  English, Subtitled in English, Spanish and French
Subjects: Criminal Justice, Religious Studies, Psychology

UNLIKELY FRIENDS explores how the power of forgiveness between victim and perpetrator can affect change within the criminal justice system by paving roads to reconciliation and rehabilitation. These victims of horrific crimes seek forgiveness out of an individual need for healing. Surprisingly, these stories reveal that in that effort, they come to recognize their human connection to the perpetrator of the crime, which unexpectedly leads them into friendship. Both individuals then experience the transformational power of forgiveness, and both benefit from this remarkable and to many, unfathomable connection. From award-winning filmmaker, Leslie Neale, these extraordinary stories will reveal a deeper understanding of the human need for healing through forgiveness in cases of violent crime and how this powerful act could have a positive effect on the penal system and all of society.


Reviews / Quotes:

"Compelling, controversial, enlightening skillfully makes the case that there is room for the bold choice of forgiveness in our criminal justice system." -Sister Helen Prejean Author, Deadman Walking

"Beautifully told, Unlikely Friends reveals angels among use Seeing this film you can't help but ask yourself, "Who have I not forgiven, and why?" -Marianne Williamson, Spiritual Teacher and International Best Selling Author

"Moving, inspiring, revolutionary." -Jack Kornfield, Buddhist Teacher and International Best Selling Author

"A powerful film that fortunately does not conflate forgiveness and restorative justice." -Howard Zehr Author The Little Book of Restorative Justice, Changing Lenses

"May the gift this film offers cause every viewer to open, soften, and become an artisan of compassion." -Reverend Michael Beckwith, Agape International Spiritual Center

"It is a tour de force. .. documenting the power of restorative justice and shows how facing the pain they caused helps offenders more than prison bars ever can." -Rep. Pete Lee, Colorado State Representative

"Unlikely Friends is an extraordinary film. Everyone should watch this film to understand more about how forgiveness transforms pain and how finding the gift in the wound mends broken hearts." -Marina Catacuzino, Founder/Director The Forgiveness Project

"Unlikely Friends" is like no other film on forgiveness, and I have viewed many." -Robert Enright, Founding Member of International Forgiveness Institute and author of, Exploring Forgiveness, Helping Clients Forgive, Forgiveness Is a Choice