Community Screenings Info Page

What is a Community Screening?

A community screening is defined as any non-theatrical booking of a film that will be viewed by a public audience. These can be organizational events hosted in public libraries, religious buildings, community centers, or private venues. A community screening license does offer the option to ticket the event with intent to profit off the film screening.

What should I do if I'm interested in hosting a screening?

Before looking at film licensing, we recommend connecting with a venue and measuring your potential audience. Define what media format will work for your screening, how many you can seat for the viewing, and if you intend to charge admission. You will need to have this information before an accurate quote can be given for your community screening license.

With an understanding of your screening, proceed to the community screening form found here. You can also navigate to the screening form under the "screenings" tab on the search bar.

How do I pay for a community screening?

After filling out the community screening form and receiving an license quote, an invoice will be sent to you from Collective Eye Films. Your film DVD, blu-ray, or digital file will be sent to you after the invoice is paid. Secured payment is always required. The invoice will allow for payments to be made with credit card or bank transfer.

Will Collective Eye Films help arrange and promote the screening?

Collective Eye Films can only provide film licensing for screenings and does not offer promotional services.

How is the film delivered to me?

After invoice payment, the film will usually be shipped within 48 business hours with first-class shipping. Please note in your conference.


Click here to fill out a community screening form!




You can fill out our screening request form or email screenings[at] with your request. All screening license purchases are done through our staff directly, ensuring that you’re getting exactly what you need for your event!

There are multiple different options for licenses, depending on your screening event's intent and the film title itself. Because there are often different types of licenses, we require licenses to be purchased through one of our screening staff - that way you can rest assured you're getting the correct license! If you'd like an overview of our general licenses, you can check them out here.

We recommend organizing a screening and ordering a film 4 to 6 weeks ahead of time at minimum. A successful screening is planned with three months, giving a group time to find sponsors, a venue, and advertise.

Yes! You will still need to purchase the one time screening license appropriate for your organization or campus. The license holds the legal right to screen the film publicly. We, of course, will waive the shipping fee if you have previously purchased the DVD.

Yes! Our licenses are per screening. If you are interested in multiple screenings, we often offer discounts on multiple screening packs. Be sure to mention this interest to our team when inquiring about your screening event!

Yes! We are happy to provide a screener link for your consideration. Please send screener link request to our screening outreach team at